Athletic teams represent our school in five interscholastic sports—football, basketball (boys’ and girls’), girls’ softball, baseball, and tennis.  All Lewisburg Middle School athletes must purchase school insurance or show proof of personal insurance.  All students are eligible for  participation in competitive sports.  Students should contact the coach of each sport for information concerning eligibility, practice times, scheduling, etc.  Athletes are required to have passing grades in all of the five academic subject areas for the previous semester.  Practices are held after school.  Physicals from a doctor are required for participation in sports.  

    The LMS girls’ teams are known as the Tigerettes and the LMS boys’ teams are known as the Tigers.  Our team mascot is the Tiger and our school colors are royal blue and white. 

     The LMS cheerleaders consist of ten girls selected in the spring of each year.  They cheer at all football and basket ball games throughout the school year and work very hard to keep the student body full of TIGER spirit!!  Uniforms are provided for the girls, but all other supplies must be purchased by each cheerleader.  All LMS cheerleaders are to be passing all subjects and are expected to be on their best behavior at all times.  Ms. Kara Barker is the cheerleading coach for LMS.  GO TIGERS!!

     The LMS Tennis team has been a springboard to scholarships for four students who began their tennis careers with this program.  Our tennis team has experienced several undefeated seasons.  Members of the team have participated in the state tournament at the high school level. LMS tennis is open to seventh and eighth graders with no previous skills needed.  Matches are held at the LMS court and the Marshall County Recreation Center.  The head coach is Dickie Adkins.


2017 LMS Basketball Schedule

 DateOpponent Location Time 

November 2 Thursday

Spring Hill

There 6:00
                6 Monday   
E A Cox There6:00
                    7 Tuesday Meridianville

13 Monday             FairviewThere6:00
18 Thursday WhitthorneHere6:00
                 20 Monday
South LincolnThere6:00
28 TuesdayFairviewHere 6:00
                 30 Thursday Forrest Here6:00
December 5 Tuesday Spring HillHere6:00
11 Monday WhitthorneThere6:00
12 Tuesday South LincolnHere6:00
18 Monday MeridanvilleThere6:00
January 4 Thursday E A CoxHere6:00
11 Thursday ForrestThere 6:00
15-20 Forrest Middle School Tournament TBA

Colors – Royal Blue and White

Mascot – Tiger

Principal – Randy Hubbell

Head Coach—-David Lovell; Chris Coleman

Athletic Director – Angie Phifer