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Staffulty of the Month: Mr.Horton
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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brought to you by Skylar Cozart and Sydney McAdams

Mr. Horton was born in Waynesboro, TN two months early and resided in Vanderbilt Hospital for two months! When asked about his greatest life-changing experience he said, “Easily the birth of my son. My life’s priorities completely changed...I now understand what unconditional love is and virtually every decision I now make is centered around him (and soon to be her).” His favorite class period is first because it’s his smallest and quietest class.

When we asked him what has changed since he started working for the MC school system, he made a simple remark, “I have put on a few pounds, and made many lifelong friends.” This is Mr.Horton’s ninth year teaching, even though he hasn’t always taught Middle School Social Studies. He used to teach Geography and Government on a high school level. Although Mr.Horton is a fantastic teacher, he hasn’t always aspired to teach as his profession. Growing up, he wanted to be many things such as: a professional athlete, actor, singer, and lawyer.


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